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How it Works

Your three-week Follies experience begins with a Meet the Director kick-off event.  At this event, participants can sign-up and get a taste of what's to come over the course of your Follies experience. Lively rehearsals are next. 

Participants will have the time of their lives getting ready for opening night as they sing, dance, act and laugh!  Your director will give your team a wonderful experience they'll always remember. Finally, the stage is set and it's opening night. 

Your community will be entertained and delighted from the opening number to the final bows. Funds are raised through ticket sales, program ads, stage ads and patron support.  Fun is raised all along the way!

Of course, there is advance planning prior to beginning your Follies experience, and CAP Follies will guide you every step of the way.


Stage Your Follies in Only 3 Weeks!


Cameo Appearances


Stage your musical fundraising event in only three weeks! CAP Follies supplies the director, costumes, scripts and music! 

A time-tested tradition in many communities,  a CAP Follies show may earn an average of $35,000 - $40.000 as an annual or bi-annual event.

A great way to highlight local Bigwigs or celebrities into your CAP Follies with very little rehearsal time required.

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